Ace Metal offers precision-made tubular wire or coil carriers manufactured onsite. We guarantee quality, strength, and great design of our tubular wire carriers, at economical prices.

We offer 4 basic designs for our tubular wire carriers:

  • Square base
  • Clover leaf
  • Star base
  • Circular base

We also offer special designs, incorporating bracing or supports for extra strength. We are the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of wire carriers in North America. Ace Metal offers fast delivery times, as we manufacture our own tubing. This also lowers our cost to our customers. We can produce your wire carrier in numerous finishes, including galvanized, hot-rolled, and painted.

Ace Metal tubular wire carriers are stackable, for easy, less-expensive shipping. Many standard sizes are in stock for prompt delivery.

Contact us today to inquire about our tubular wire carriers.

Square Base

Clover Leaf

Star Base

Circular Base

  • Optional Painting Available
  • Mill Tested for over 50 years
  • Stackable units for easy shipping
  • Special Designs
  • Bracing or Supports
  • Prompt Delivery as promised
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