2023 brings Ace Metal Inc. to our 77th anniversary. We appreciate the
support from all of our customers that allowed us to succeed for this
length of time, and look forward to another 77 years. Looking back, Ace
Metal has worked hard to build an excellent reputation manufacturing,
and that legacy of being a dependable supplier has carried over and
continues to drive our operations. It’s why our customers trust us to be
their partner in the wire and cable industries.

Today, Ace Metal manufactures high-quality, fine wire metal spools that
are used in the ferrous, non-ferrous, tire cord, fiber optic and aerospace
industries as well as for many other applications. Our spools range in
size from 6 in. to 14. in flange diameter. They are designed with uniform
quality and precision and are also used in the batch annealing process.
They are made from prime cold-rolled steel and are available in multiple
colored finishes. Our tubular wire carriers, which come in square-base,
star-base, clover-leaf base and circular-base designs, are used to ship
large diameter wire and rod as well internal wire carriers and payoffs.
Wire manufacturers are welcome to contact Ace Metal to find out how we
can help your company continue its legacy.