Ace Metal is a manufacturer, not just a distributor, of metal spools used for drawing ferrous and nonferrous wire; fiber-optic wire; carbon, low carbon, and stainless steel; and aluminum wire.

We began manufacturing metal spools in the 1960s. Our first customer was John A. Roebling & Sons Company, for use in their wire and cabling business.

Our spools are made from prime cold rolled steel steel. They are precision stamped, welded, and pretested. Ace Metal spools are designed for strength  and are more durable than masonite, tin plate and most plastic spools as they can be annealed on. Our customers want a heavy-duty spool that is built to last and can be used multiple times.

Steel cord and tire cord applications require a spool that is manufactured to the highest industry standards. We can provide B40, B60, B80 series tire cord spools. They are made with prime, cold-rolled steel. Our tire cord spools are versatile and are often used in other applications.

Ace Metal spools are available in several sizes and colors.