Ace Metal Inc., will display a new line of metal spools that have tapered flanges that will increase the amount of wire capacity by 10% to 15% over traditional flanges.

A press release said that the spools, designed for manufacturers wire drawing carbon wire, stainless-steel wire, aluminum wire and/or flat wire, are now available in 8 in. to 10 in. and 14 in. flange diameters. The tapered flange shape, it said, leads to a better load distribution compared to the spools with conventional right-angled flanges. The tapered flange enables easy guiding of the wire, even when the reel is nearly empty, which is especially important during production pauses when high take-off speeds are used, it said.

Each wire layer of wire is given a greater number of windings than the previous layer, which leads to more capacity, from 10% to 15%, the release said. The average delivery on the reels ranges from two to four weeks, and the company will make every effort to accommodate rush orders for customers, including partial deliveries if need be so that a line not need be shut down, it said. “Our goal is to produce our product lines with quality, strength , and assurance that our customers have expected from us of the last 67 years,” it said.